1.  For primary sponsors, your company will receive exposure through our racing program with the race cars painted to the color scheme of your choice with your company's name or product displayed on all sides of the race cars.  In addition to the race cars, all team members will be wearing uniforms of a similar design to the race car and the 53 foot car hauler will also be painted of a similar design to the race car with your company name or product, thus acting as a 53 foot billboard traveling across the United States, week in and week out. 

2.  Your company will receive on track exposure to the millions of fans that attend our races throughout the year.  In addition to the race car on the track, a show car will be available for display at the tracks for fans to get an up close look at the race car with your company name or product displayed.

3.  Market to specific markets all across the country. Your company may choose specifically which markets you wish to reach. 

4.  Your company will receive national exposure to an estimated 4 million households per televised race via nationally televised events by FOX, NBC, TNT, Speed Channel and HDNET.  Additionally your company or product will be mentioned in every driver or crew member interview.

royaloak.gif (79179 bytes)5.  Fans not at the race track tune in their televisions to watch the race cars, versus commercial advertising which has become much less effective with the advent of 100+ channel capable televisions and remote channel changing, people tend to tune away during commercial breaks.

6.  The race cars will be available to you for display at your company, for promotions to draw people to the race car and make them aware of your company and/or products.

7.  Hospitality will be set up at each track you request for you to bring clients, employees, family and friends to the races to see "Their" car racing for the win. 

8. VIP Benefits for upper level partners at all events which include pit passes, hotel accomodations, transportation to race track from local area airports or hotels

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