Quotes from companies advertising in Nascar.

From:   Tim Burke, (sports marketing director for Little Caesars)
"Those cars are like 200 mile-per-hour billboards for us".

From:  Mike Hitch, (K-Mart marketing)
"For companies desperately seeking brand-loyal customers, stock car fans are pure gold".

From:  Joyce Julius Cotman, (President of Julius & Associates)
"If exposure is what you're looking for, motor sports by far is the No. 1 advertising marketing buy".  "A sponsor can absolutely place where he wants his message so he's sure it'll be seen (on television), you can't say that for other sports, you can't put your logo on baseball players'  unforms".

From:  Paul Mcllhenny, (Tabasco marketing)
"We believe that we unveiled our entry into the world of Nascar in a style that is totally befitting Tabasco".  "Tabasco is perfectly aligned with Nascar in that we have the same passionate, loyal fans, Tabasco and Nascar are a perfect fit".

From: Bill France, (President of Nascar)
"Our fans understand that without sponsorship support, the teams wouldn't be able to compete on the level that they do, so in return, the fans support the sponsors, it's the most unique connection between sponsors and fans in all of sports".

From:  Jerry Mattimore, (Senior consumer promotions for Consumer Care)
"Bayer has experienced a high degree of success with the racing program and our continued sponsorship of Nascar racing will enable us to maintain that level".

From:  Buz McCall, (American Racing Owner)
"We are fortunate to be a part of Nascar racing at a time when it's popularity is skyrocketing".

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