1.  A study by Performance Research showed that Nascar fans are the most loyal to brand sponsors than any other sport. The study showed that 72% of Nascar fans are brand loyal, compared to only 38% for the National Basketball Association and Major League Baseball and just 36% for the National Football League.

2.  40% of Nascar fans are women with 72% of all Nascar fans being employed full time.

3.  Race cars draw attention!  Fans go to the race tracks to watch the attractive, bright, eye catching race cars, thus are reading a highly visible billboard for hours each week.

4.  Fans not at the race track tune in their televisions to watch the race cars, versus commercial advertising which has become much less effective with the advent of 100+ channel capable televisions and remote channel changing, people tend to tune away during commercial breaks.

5.  COST!  Nascar is the best dollar versus number of people reached value in advertising. Based on quotes from ESPN, costs for one 30 second commercial spot can be very costly, where as a top ten running car will receive anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes of on air time, thus the sponsors name is blasted on the television screen for viewers to see time and time again for only a small fraction of the cost of a 30 second commercial slot.  The cost of sponsoring our race team as a primary sponsor for the entire season is far less than the cost estimated by ESPN for only two 30 second commercial spots, therefore your company receives coverage for an entire year to millions more people.

6.  Nascar is the fastest growing sport in America, having recently signed a multi-year television contract with NBC, TNT, ABC, ESPN and FOX worth more than the television contracts of Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League.  The value of this contract is the third highest contract paid for by any television company for the rights to televise a given sport.

7.  Hundreds of companies have found great success by advertising in Nascar, as noted in the quotes page.

8.  While companies have spent millions advertising in Nascar at the Nextel Cup and Busch Series levels, our series can offer your company equal national exposure for less than 20% of the cost to advertise at the top level of Nascar.

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